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What is Body Bronzing...

Body Bronzing is an airbrushed sunless tanning application using an exclusive formula, DHA (a sugar cane derivative) to bronze the skin with the precision of airbrush application and without the damage of cumulative UVA and UVB exposure to the sun. DHA (dihydroxy-acetone) has been used in sunless tanners since 1960. DHA reacts with the amino acids found on the skin's epidermal layer to produce the brown skin. Ingredients have gone through extensive testing and are FDA approved. Our products are used with one simple application to achieve a rich base tan unlike two or three applications as with other products.
Our delivery system allows for deeper penetration which in turns means longer lasting results, typically up to 5 to 7 days. Different shades of solutions are available in a tinted bronze formula or a clear formula with the option of the bronze enhancer (a darkening agent) that, when added to the clear formula, develops levels of darkness for an even deeper, richer tan. Our solution is designed to be the best sunless tanning product available today..

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